Completely protect the upholstery in your office

Upholstery such as your curtains, carpets, and soft furnishing fabrics contribute a lot to the comfort of the interior of your premises.

But it’s a fact that everyday life subjects it to risks from damage and deterioration.

So, what to do to in order to take care of it and lower these risks? Here are some tips.

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1- Your furnishing fabrics face multiple risks

It is a given that upholstery is to be found in businesses fairly frequently.

They are a part of the design and also bring a pleasant atmosphere to your office. However, their everyday use means that they get dirty and wear out quickly.

Very often, harmful or unsuitable cleaning products are applied rapidly and/or aggressively. It is in this way that the process of wear and tear on your upholstery and fabrics is accelerated.

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2- Solutions to prevent this risk are available

Being mindful of finding the best solution to protect your furnishing upholstery, do not take this task lightly. Better to find a prevention than a cure!

Some tips to help with stains:

  • absorb the stain rather than rub it
  • test your new supermarket-bought stain-removing product in a small, non-visible area to limit any damage
  • Never rub a stain with hot water!

Waterproofing protection

Coat the fibres of your fabric with waterproofing protection which prevents stains from forming. This way you will no longer have to ask how to remove a particular stain from your fabrics!

Ongoing maintenance

There are a multitude of methods passed down from Grandma for the maintenance of your furniture upholstery or microfibres. Bicarbonate of soda is without doubt the most widespread solution. It has many advantages: as well as its deodorising properties, it will also brighten the colour of fabrics. Vinegar and ammonia are also effective for cleaning an upholstered sofa or chair.

However, the best way to ensure the longevity of your upholstered furniture and to simplify its upkeep is to protect it against stains, and to do this as soon as they are installed.

Call on a professional

Stain-removal products that are sold on the general market to the public promise miracles, but as the advertising is often misleading, they lose you precious time and you even run the risk of ruining your fabrics and fibres.

Calling a stain-removal and maintenance specialist will prove to be an effective solution.

They often provide ready-to-use cleaning kits.

As well as containing the necessary stain-removal products, they also carry advice on how to use them with regards to different types of fabric and different sources of stain.

However, for more delicate stains, professional intervention is preferable for guaranteed impeccable removal of a stain that will not show up again.

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To conclude...

Ensuring that the whole of your office is clean is not always an easy task.  Other responsibilities and priorities inevitably crop up during day-to-day life. If you feel you don’t have the time, or just don’t feel up to taking on the protection of your furniture upholstery, why not think about having it done externally?

We are available to help with our checklist to evaluate the state of your furniture.

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