What if your fabrics become stain-proof?

Rugs, wall hangings, fabric furniture, double-curtains, carpets... Fabrics significantly contribute to the beauty and comfort of an interior, both in the office and at home. But beware! Everyday life subjects them to many risks of aggression and degradation. What if stain-proofing fabrics was all it takes to protect them as they deserve?

Why stain-proof your fabrics?

We may not be aware of it, but daily life gives a tough time to our interior fabrics. Common examples include moist air, a tilting glass or plate, spilled oil or cosmetics, the presence of a cat or a dog or just usual frictions… The result is without appeal: stains accumulate and become incrusted. Wear gains ground and, ultimately, the fabric deteriorates.

Of course, to protect our fabrics, we could keep watch around the clock, police the children or forbid pet access to some rooms. Or, choose to fully enjoy our home and office with calm and serenity. One preventive reflex becomes mandatory: stain-proofing. Stain-proofing makes your interior fabrics more resistant to liquids and stains. As a result, it makes their care substantially easier and, icing on the cake, optimizes their lifespan.

What to choose for stain-proofing your textiles?

Granted, many stain-proofing solutions are available in stores, especially in the form of sprays. However, these are often products of very average quality. They usually turn out to be more difficult and burdensome to use than claimed. In the end, their effectiveness remains quite unreliable. Therefore, the assurance of an effective stain-proofing that lasts in time calls for a recognized expert.

Indeed, an optimal protection of your textiles requires appropriate products and a special know-how. On one hand, this will prevent you from damaging your furniture. On the other hand, it will benefit from a durable and ultra-performing stain-proofing.

Stain-proofing, a specialist’s business

Procare Systems has been using stain resistant and stain-proofing protection for many years. High-tech and innovative solutions that offer a very high level of performance, while perfectly preserving the environment.

Furthermore, Procare Systems stain-proofing is intended for all types of indoor fabrics and treats synthetic and natural fibers without altering their color or their appearance. It respects even the most delicate of fabrics, and can safely be applied on antique pieces and prestigious brands.

Procare Systems stain-proofing wraps all fibers in your fabrics with a high protection that makes them completely impermeable to water and other liquids (apart from organic and acid stains). The techniques used by Procare Systems enable it to position its expertise among the best on the market.

The result

Your fabrics are fully safeguarded from stains. Therefore, they become much easier to maintain and benefit from a longer lifespan. From now on, your fabrics are protected against little daily accidents, and you become … worry-proofed!



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