What is the best way to remove stains from your fabrics?

Your fabric or microfiber furniture such as your armchairs and sofas are part of your daily life. We share aperitifs with friends or coffee with colleagues. A stain of grease, wine, ink or chocolate can happen quickly! Here is our advice on how to remove stains from fabrics.

Three mistakes to avoid when removing a stain

First, one of the most common mistakes is to rub a liquid stain. You may indeed spread the job over a larger area, which will considerably complicate the stain removal. If you just spilled a liquid on your fabric sofa, armchair or rug, just keep one word in mind: Absorb. Use a cloth, sponge or absorbent paper only within the stain.

Another fatal mistake: apply a store-bought stain remover directly to the stain. It is best to test the stain remover on a not visible corner of your fabric armchair or sofa. If you see the color change, the fabric deteriorate or lint form, opt for dry cleaning.

Finally, removing a stain with hot water can permanently smear the stain in the fibers. This is especially true if you are dealing with a so-called organic stain (blood, urine, grass, etc.). It may leave an indelible color if you do not take the right actions from the start.

When to call a professional?

The stain removers sold to the general public promise miracles. The "ultra powerful" brag about being able to eradicate the most incrusted stains. Yet, these products carry a real risk for your fabrics. On the one hand, they do not always take into account the type of fabric. On the other hand, the type of stain and its level of encrustation are not considered.

Some stain removal experts such as Procare Systems offer read-to-use maintenance kits. In addition to the material needed for stain removal, there are tips for use depending on the type of fabric and stain. For the most delicate stains however, a technician intervention is preferable. This guarantees you a successful stain removal for sure. Resorting to an expert like Procare Systems is thus essential to ensure a serene stain removal.

The toughest stains deserve a thorough study of your fabrics. Procare Systems will know exactly what solution to adopt. To each stain and each fabric its method!

And how to maintain fabrics after stain removal?

A variety of grandmother methods exist to maintain one’s fabric or microfiber furniture. Baking soda is probably the most widespread solution. It has several advantages: in addition to its deodorizing properties, it will give the fabric a bright color. Vinegar and ammonia are also effective at cleaning a fabric armchair or chair.

However, better be safe than sorry! The best way to ensure a long life to your fabric furniture and to simplify its maintenance is to protect it against stains as soon as they are installed. For this, Procare Systems uses a stain-resistant protection. The latter consists of coating your fibers in stain-proof protection to prevent the stains from forming. As a result, you will never again wonder how to remove such or such stain from your fabrics!

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