How about anti-stain treatment for your upholstery fabrics?

Whether it’s for your sofas, your double curtains or wall hangings, upholstery fabric remains a valuable asset in terms of decoration. It varies greatly in terms of appearance and colour. Unfortunately, there is always the risk of stains or marks. There are many causes: food, grease, various liquids, etc. Quick treatment is essential but not always at hand. So, why not go for pre-treated anti-stain upholstery fabric at your office?

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Procare Systems | the Geneva service provider available for the maintenance of your office premises

Are you searching for the ideal service provider who will support you in the maintenance of your business premises in Geneva? But perhaps past experiences are leaving you a little sceptical about taking on another provider? You need reassurance and a listening ear from a trusted, responsive professional. Let Procare Systems lend a helping hand and put your mind at rest.

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Renovate or replace your office furniture ?

It’s your job to ensure your office looks good, but are the lack of time and budget still causing you to hesitate between implementing renovation works and replacing your office furniture? This is a problem which SMEs are often confronted by.
You are aware that the workplace where you spend your time has a direct effect on the productivity and well-being of employees. Let’s take a look at some advice which will help you make your decision.

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Would you like to work with us ?

In-depth treatment of your textiles, we come to meet you to establish a personalized estimate. For businesses and individuals.