Renovate or replace your office furniture ?

It’s your job to ensure your office looks good, but are the lack of time and budget still causing you to hesitate between implementing renovation works and replacing your office furniture? This is a problem which SMEs are often confronted by.
You are aware that the workplace where you spend your time has a direct effect on the productivity and well-being of employees. Let’s take a look at some advice which will help you make your decision.

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1. What are the benefits of renovating or replacing your furniture?

The productivity and the quality of your company’s communication depends among other things on your furniture. An atmosphere conducive to friendly exchanges and reflection makes it possible for a company to obtain some very interesting results.
Indeed, by renovating regularly, the cost of furniture can be spread over time. Your company can also better anticipate its investments and plan its developments over the medium- or long-term.

2. Renovate your furniture effectively

Step 1: Have your furniture appraised by a team of professionals

In fact, an external agency will be able to advise you and take care of the maintenance of your furniture. Hygiene will also be one of its utmost concerns. On this subject, you can read our recent article on Choosing a cleaning company for your work premises.

Step 2: Evaluate the cost of your renovation project

The costs you will have to take into consideration for renovating furniture need not be huge. It is a question of allocating part of the budget to the rejuvenation of the layout, particularly if you use a reception area that is open to the public. Implementing a project like this begins with detailed study. Of course, it is not just the cost of materials that needs to be taken into consideration, but also the lifespan of certain elements, and when they will need replacing.

Step 3: Implement your project

By entrusting your furniture modification to a professional, you obtain a precise study/design for the realisation of the layout. You also obtain a guarantee and skills in a specific field. A design professional sees all the possible options within financial reach and within the space you are using. They will support you step by step in the development of your project.

racheter mobilier de bureau entretenir mobilier entreprise

3. What are the advantages of replacing your old furniture?

Guaranteed and innovative, new furniture meets your specific, personalised needs when it comes to planning your office. However, you can find new material at reasonable prices. Here are some advantages:

#1 : Choosing something different

Having personalised office space offers a unique, communicative ambience to everyone who walks through the office door. The advantage of replacing your furniture is the opportunity to choose colours and models which suit your taste, and in particular the image of your company.

#2 : Choosing the right materials

Choosing the composition of your furniture is an advantage if for example you are concerned about the environment and want to take an environmentally friendly approach. It is possible though, that this choice won’t be an option with the budget you are working with.

#3 : Furniture size adapted to the working environment

This can be the main reason which makes you decide to replace your old furniture. It is, however, of particular interest when there is limited space. This solution allows the space available to be maximised.

Whatever the nature of your business, your fixtures and furnishings must adapt to your needs, which are subject to technological, economic and legal developments.
This is why we recommend that you ask a professional to help by carrying out a full audit of your current furniture.

Should you keep certain items, modify them, or completely replace them? Download our checklist to evaluate the condition of your furniture now.

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