Choosing a cleaning company for your work premises professionals

There are many cleaning companies on the market right now. The choice is not always an easy one. However, having clean premises is essential for a company, both for its image and for the well-being of its employees.

So, what needs to be taken into account when choosing a cleaning company for your office?

Why use a cleaning company at your office?

  • To provide services that meet your needs

A cleaning company must be versatile. For you to be sure of its reliability, it must be able to provide all the services which meet the criteria and needs of its clients. So, the company must be capable of operating anywhere, for any project (large premises, small offices, after construction work...) and in various areas such as:

  • Replacing equipment
  • Floor treatment (carpets, rugs, etc.)
  • Specific fabric and furniture treatment (curtains, leather, etc.)
  • High quality services

A good cleaning company can also be judged by the cleaning products it uses. These products must conform to current hygiene standards. They must also be effective in fighting against stains and marks.

In order to be classed as professional, the company must also guarantee that its services combine cleanliness and protection of soft furnishings such as sofas, settees...  

A few key points to help you choose your provider 

  • Price

The price is undoubtedly crucial when choosing a cleaning company. A high-end company with competitive rates would be ideal.
However, the price shouldn’t be the only detail you consider. Other factors must be taken into account. It is always better to spend a little more and be satisfied with the services provided, rather than spending too little and having a nasty surprise.

  • Geographical proximity

The location of the company should not be neglected when choosing a cleaning company for your office. You should choose companies which are based close to yours. Indeed, the further away the company is located from where you are, the higher the costs (workforce, transport costs...) and the slower the response time. This is a situation which can affect the price quoted by the service provider.

  • Professionalism

An effective and efficient company is also a professional company. The number of years working in the sector counts for a lot. This means you are dealing with an experienced company.
When making your choice, also opt for companies who value human capital by making sure that their employees receive regular training.
Finally, choose a company which continually updates its equipment.

  • Reputation and references

The company must also be able to prove its reliability. So, when choosing your service provider, make sure to check whether the company has a certification label or if it is listed in a reliable business directory such as SwissFirm.

Also check whether it uses environmentally friendly products. References are also a decisive factor. If the provider is already working with a client in the same sector as yours, this is reassuring.

entreprise de nettoyage, les critère de choix pour l'entretien de vos locaux professionnels

To conclude

Ultimately, choosing a cleaning company for your office is not an easy task. You must therefore have plenty of patience and prepare yourself for some upstream planning.

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