What techniques are there for cleaning your carpet effectively?

Since their invention, carpets have been essential decorative furnishings. Every house, office and restaurant has at least one. They come in a variety of shapes, patterns and colours, and there are many different varieties. They can be made of silk, wool, cotton or artificial fibres. Since their main role is to cover a part of or an entire floor, they get dirty faster than other pieces of furniture.

Essentials of carpet maintenance

First of all, they should be cleaned regularly, at least once a week. And, for that purpose, there’s nothing like a vacuum cleaner with a brush. In addition to removing all the dust that has lodged in your carpet, it will also help to eliminate parasites such as moths and carpet beetles. But be careful! A vacuum cleaner will not remove all dust mites.

You may have heard of steam cleaning. Be aware that this method is not recommended for some carpets, especially for shaggy carpets where the long pile is a little fragile. Carpets with fragile fibres also need to be vacuumed carefully.

How to remove a stain from a carpet.

Whether the stain is small or large, the correct procedures and products must be used from the outset to preserve the carpet. The speed with which you tackle a stain on a carpet is crucial. It must be dealt with as quickly as possible!

The first thing you should do to remove a stain is to absorb it without rubbing. Bear in mind, however, that not everything can be cleaned with soap and water. Some materials and stains require specific treatments.

What about renting a machine or hiring a professional?

It is possible to rent a carpet cleaner to clean your carpet. Their spraying system combined with an extraction system enables you to efficiently clean the carpet yourself. However, this type of machine should be handled with care if you do not want to damage your carpet. Moreover, they won't enable you to remove the toughest stains.

To ensure successful cleaning without damaging or discolouring your carpet, entrust it to the professionals. Through their experience, they know which treatment to choose for each type of material. At Procare Systems, high-tech treatments are adapted to the professional environment and its constraints, as well as to the private sector. We clean your carpet whilst adapting to its components and we guarantee you an optimal result!

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