How about anti-stain treatment for your upholstery fabrics?

Whether it’s for your sofas, your double curtains or wall hangings, upholstery fabric remains a valuable asset in terms of decoration. It varies greatly in terms of appearance and colour. Unfortunately, there is always the risk of stains or marks. There are many causes: food, grease, various liquids, etc. Quick treatment is essential but not always at hand. So, why not go for pre-treated anti-stain upholstery fabric at your office?

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The solutions at hand: an inconvenience for you and a danger to your upholstery

Stains ruin fabrics and at the same time damage their appearance by changing the material and their original colour. The longer it takes to treat the stain, the further ingrained into the fibres it becomes. They can even cause other problems. For example, dust mites or other small pests which can damage or even tear the textile.

Whether they are grandma’s old remedies or solutions marketed to us, there are many stain treatment solutions. 
However, before applying an anti-stain treatment, you must be aware of the type of fabric in order to choose the right solution.

The type of fibre (vegetable, animal, synthetic etc.) and the type of stain (chemical, oil, enzymatic, oxidizable, etc.) determines the anti-stain treatment to use. So, without this understanding and without precaution, you run the risk of irreversibly damaging your furniture!

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To guarantee an optimal result...

To get to the root of the problem and avoid all damage to your upholstery, the best solution is to call a professional specialising in treating fabrics against stains. Their sound knowledge of textile fibres guarantees you optimal treatment with the relevant methods and products.

To find out more about this subject, you can download our guide on ‘Best practices for long-term maintenance of your work premises.’

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