Procare Systems, and stains disappear

At home, the fabric of chairs, armchairs and sofas often become strained. This is also true for our professional environment, where the intensive use of office chairs and conference furniture causes inevitable degradation. However, are these daily stains and dirt irreversible? Well, no. Your specialist Procare Systems technician gets rid of them in 95 % of cases!

Have you found stains on the surfaces of your leather or fabric furniture? It is so annoying that once you notice them, it’s all you see !Thanks to our patented cleaning techniques, we solve the problem with efficiency.

Depending on the nature of the surface, the operation is carried out in dry conditions or with water, with the guarantee to preserve the fibres and colours. The Procare Systems products are effective on the coatings used on fragile furnishings, on all types of furniture. Our processes achieve perfect results on furniture of all types, brands and all ages.

For leather, we work in depth, without risk of impairing the elasticity. The impregnation is carried out with a lanolin-based emulsion which restores and reinvigorates the material in the long term.

Our warranty? It is simple, we only charge when the aim is reached!


Prevention is the best warranty

Why wait for the accident to happen? With more than 600 customers, you can trust us to protect your professional or private furniture,  furnishing fabrics, carpets, wall hangings, curtainsand rugs. We operate most of the time on site. Drying takes between four and eight hours, after which  the Procare Systems protection will be fully effective and fully invisible for  a whole year. For more tranquility, we will leave you with  a Procare Maintenance Kit to extend the treatment without contacting our team!

Would you like to work with us ?

In-depth treatment of your textiles, we come to meet you to establish a personalized estimate. For businesses and individuals.