Dry cleaning, a crucial step for some materials?

When we talk about dry cleaning, we immediately think of clothing. But dry cleaning can also be used for your textile-covered furniture and especially for upholstery. Some textiles such as silk or wool, for example, require special treatments because of their fragility. Inappropriate care will certainly damage them!

What is dry cleaning? 

It involves cleaning your fragile textiles with our professional stain removal products without the use of water or heat. You can find many tips on the internet offering advice on how to perform this cleaning or even stain-removal yourself at a lower cost. You just need to use the right solvent on the fabric: usual solvent for P and petroleum solvent for F.

According to the instructions provided, this cleaning method seems more or less simple in appearance. But are these solutions really effective? And are the people who use them aware of the risks associated with the use of these toxic products? The use of these products requires the wearing of a mask, gloves...

When should you use dry cleaning?

Choosing the wrong cleaning method could both ruin the fabric and irreversibly alter the colour. You cannot use water for the cleaning of some leathers and fabrics! It is mainly the more fragile materials that will need to be dry cleaned. Examples include velvet armchairs, silk curtains or any furniture where fragile fibres have been used.

Nothing is safer than entrusting your cleaning to a professional 

The risk of damage to your furniture is one thing. But the risk to your health posed by some dry cleaning products is another! Some solvents are carcinogenic and dangerous for the environment.

A professional will take the necessary steps to treat the fabric using appropriate and non-toxic BioSolv products. Procare Systems takes care of all your fabric and leather furniture using innovative methods that preserve the quality of your furniture, your health and the environment. As dry cleaning experts in Geneva, we study each fibre of your fabrics in order to choose the right treatment. With total mastery of our products and the use of high tech methods, we guarantee a quality result.

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