Fighting and preventing stains from your carpet

Carpet is the most comfortable floor covering available, both for private and professional usage, as it can be very practical to conceal cables or soundproof a room.

Elegant and accessible to all budgets, it perfectly lends itself to the warmth of any room such as a bedroom or a living room. Nonetheless, carpeted floors, unlike hard floors, require proper and regular care.


Carpet characteristics

The most important feature to consider in carpet maintenance and stain removal is probably the type of fiber used.
Indeed, synthetic fibers such as nylon (polyamide) or polypropylene are very resistant to wear.
Wool carpets have several advantages such as thermal and sound insulation, but are more delicate.

The degree of usage is also a considerable factor in the choice of a carpet.
A heavy passage room such as the corridor of a hotel must absolutely be taken into account. Lastly, pay attention to the maintenance instructions given by the manufacturers in the data sheets. Unfortunately, they are often complicated and impractical for non-professionals.


Regularly maintaining your carpet

Adopting the right actions from the start will make it easy!
Regularly vacuuming your carpet is a good start.
Go for vacuum cleaners with very high aspiration or even vacuum cleaners with turbobrush that shake the fibers of your carpet. However, we advise you to protect your carpets with a stain-resistant protection as soon as they are installed.

At Procare Systems, a specialist in fiber treatment in Geneva, carpet maintenance covers all these aspects.
Thanks to our high-tech treatments, we succeed in eliminating odors, mites, microbes and static electricity on all fibers, whether synthetic or wool.

We also do our utmost to find solutions to some stains you’ve thought irremediable like coffee stains.

Our tips for stain removal on carpets

Even with an impeccable maintenance, not to stain one’s carpet is nearly impossible.
Given the specific characteristics of carpeting, choosing the wrong product and taking wrong actions can have irreversible consequences.
This is why it is preferable to call a carpet maintenance and stain removal professional.
He will know how to give back to your floor its look of the first day!



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