How to maintain your leather sofa?

It is comfortable and gives character to your living room. Much more than an element of decoration, it accompanies you and its robustness suggests a lasting life. However, properly and regularly maintaining your leather sofa is the only way to guarantee its longevity!

Lack of maintenance of your leather sofa: what consequences?

Procare systems, the leather maintenance specialist, identified two main risks associated with a lack of maintenance of a leather sofa. The first is about color and shine. Indeed, the leather can tarnish or even dry out over time. For a more resistant color, go for leathers colored "in the mass", i.e. in depth.

The second, a lack of maintenance of a leather sofa makes it more prone to stains and scratches. Your sofa will be all the more resistant if the thickness of the leather is significant. With a thickness of about 3mm, buffalo leather is generally thicker than cowhide leather. Thus, in addition to being environmentally friendly, buffalo leather requires less attention from you. Opt for high-density foam sofas to avoid sagging in the seat, which would loosen the elasticity of the leather.

Received ideas to be banned about leather furniture maintenance

It is never too late to offer your leather sofa a second youth. The most widely used grandmother method in this area is the use of Marseille soap. But beware of false ideas! This trick is actually a wet cleaning that can backfire and can dry out the leather. Moreover, it is not always very effective and will only have a temporary effect.

Another mistake to avoid is the stain removal from your leather furniture. The latter will be weakened and damaged if you use water or unduly harsh products. It is likewise if you rub a stain abruptly. In addition, if your rag or cotton is dyed, it may rub off on your furniture depending on the product you are using.

Lanolin: the miracle product but not only...

At Procare Systems, we work the leather in depth. For this, we use a lanolin-based emulsion, combined with other products. Fully natural, lanolin is a wool fat that has powerful moisturizing properties. It is notably used in the production of cosmetics. Just like on the skin, lanolin restores and reinvigorates your leather in the long run.

Whether for your sofa, armchairs, chairs or ottomans, Procare Systems expertise consists first in a thorough study of the leather of your furniture. We then make every effort not to alter the original elasticity of the leather thanks to our innovative techniques constantly updated to match new materials available on the market.

The robustness of leather nevertheless deserves great gentleness. With our special leather treatment, you protect your investment to the fullest!

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