Procare Systems, excellence in the treatment of textile fibres

The protection of textile fibres in Geneva, it is Procare Systems... and Guy Costanza, whose name is intimately linked to the founding vision of the enterprise: a flawless service quality combined with a perfect technical mastery

After pursuing a fine commercial and industrial career, Guy Costanza chooses Geneva to fill a market need - in both the professional and private sphere - in the treatment and protection of textile fibres. It was in 2001, a year marked by a difficult economic situation. Yet, the project became operational under good auspices, thanks to a well thought out offer combined with his demands for outstanding quality of service. Fifteen years later, Procare Systems has over 600 loyal customers, many of whom are among the greatest references in Geneva.

However, this success is not only due to the processes themselves. It comes from the personality of a business leader at heart, for whom relationships are of paramount importance with his collaborators as well as his clientèle.

The Procare Systems concept has also largely contributed to gain market shares, with an annual guarantee process and a service billing according to the result!

The year 2015 was rich in terms of communication, with the recasting of the visual identity, the launch of a website that you are discovering by reading this editorial, and the setting up of a quarterly newsletter. Procare Systems is also associated with the CCIG, chamber of commerce, industry and services of Geneva to raise awareness among decision makers of the advantages of treating the textile fibres in the professional or private sphere.

Guy Costanza sees 2016 as a year for the consolidation of processes, but also expansion, with the idea of creating a Vaud Committee which will allow a greater proximity with the existing customer base and a high potential market.

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