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Are you searching for the ideal service provider who will support you in the maintenance of your business premises in Geneva? But perhaps past experiences are leaving you a little sceptical about taking on another provider? You need reassurance and a listening ear from a trusted, responsive professional. Let Procare Systems lend a helping hand and put your mind at rest.

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Expertise specifically adapted to your needs

Procare Systems is the provider best suited to respond to the expectations you have when it comes to the hygiene and maintenance of your premises.
Based in Geneva, we will provide a quote for you only after having conducted a detailed assessment of your requirements. 
Specialising in the field of treatment and protection of various types of furniture and fabric, we are committed to efficiently and effectively supporting you.
In a world that remains in perpetual motion, our products are in a state of constant evolution, always benefitting from new technologies.
Our Procare Systems protection for example, holds a 12-month anti-stain guarantee.
Also, we treat and protect your furniture with the most suitable products.
Advice and expertise also come into our scope of responsibility. Take a look at our recent article Renove or replace your office furniture? on this subject.

Finally, our technicians and professionals are committed to doing 4 follow-up checks per year at your premises to ensure that the treated and protected furniture is still at its best.

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Dedicated personal advisor

Once your quote has been finalised, you are allocated an advisor. Contactable and accessible at all times by telephone, they will make it easier for you to work with Procare Systems.
Proximity and responsiveness form the core of our considerations.
As a result of this, working with us will allow you a more serene day-to-day life, free from worries about the maintenance of your premises. We operate whatever happens, whether you are on or off the premises, according to your preference.


 prestataire entretien locaux genève

Rapid response time

Last-minute setback which you could not possibly have anticipated? 
We are committed to rapidly responding and operating swiftly.
Working closely with its clients, Procare Systems is the service provider to trust.

You can now meet with our team of specialists.


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